We are educators who earned our stripes on the street and in the field. We teach our clients how to use technology securely - so it works for them, not against them. We employ a cadre of instructors, subject matter experts, curriculum developers, and field service representatives to provide our clients with classroom instruction, practical training exercises, and on-site support. Our instructors have been in the shoes of our clients and provide extensive insight into how our curriculum will be applied in the real world.

What are our clients learning in the classroom? Cybersecurity, digital signature reduction, secure communication, and situational awareness. We also provide individual follow-up consultations so every student gets hands-on assistance integrating technology into their work and life, safely and securely.

Outside the classroom, we assist in simulated exercises to provide our clients an unprecedented ‘digital mirror’ into what they look like digitally. We make their digital footprint come to life so it’s no longer an abstract concept. They learn how to use technology to their advantage - so it works for them, not against them.

Our training team members appreciate that no two days in the office are the same; they are faced with new challenges daily. They spend a lot of time with our clients and have an astute understanding of how our technology is being utilized - what is working and what needs improvement. They also collaborate with our engineering teams to make sure our systems and curriculum are relevant and responsive.

"People who have a hunger to learn and want to better themselves professionally would probably find Ridgeline rewarding. Working here is kind of like being a freshman in college – you can dip your hands in a lot of different things and then find your own path within the company. "

Jasmine Johnson

Systems Administrator

Life at Ridgeline

We are an energized and engaged team with a focus on solving hard problems together. We are open to high-candor feedback, uncomfortable truth-telling, and confronting gaps as a team. Standards are high and everyone is trusted, supported and expected to meet our standards.

What does success look like from our standpoint?

  • We’re delivering on programs that matter to us
  • We’re having fun
  • We’re learning as a team
  • We’re building stability
  • We’re doing things the right way - with commitment, integrity, and teamwork

Join the Ridgeline Team

We’re smart, we have very eclectic backgrounds, and we all bring an innate curiosity and desire to learn. We enjoy our work, which makes for a fun vibe around the office, and almost all of us have interesting hobbies outside of the office.