We build and maintain secure communications systems for clients all over the world using both off the shelf and custom-developed software and hardware. Our mantra is, “If you don’t own it, it’s not yours.” This drives how we think about building systems. We manage our systems from farm to table. We take security to an extreme, while maintaining ease of use for clients.

While most enterprise security solutions protect only the content of communications, we go further to protect both the content and context of communications. We engineer our own infrastructure and build and maintain servers, networks, and storage – both in the virtual and physical environments. Our engineers take customer requirements and turn them into unique, high-performing systems that are efficient and cost effective. We also provide 24/7 support to our clients through our Network Security Operations Center, so we can immediately respond to any client needs that arise from a system we’ve created.

Our systems team members appreciate working on solutions that are complex and varied, yet small and agile. Our engineers do a lot of hard core applied science, as opposed to getting bogged down with maintenance and bureaucratic paperwork. Our percentage of O&M vs. engineering differs greatly from large-scale enterprise networks.

"The systems I build directly impact our clients' ability to do their job every day. It helps keep them safe. Getting things right on my end is really important."

Sean McMillin

Systems Administrator

Life at Ridgeline

We are an energized and engaged team with a focus on solving hard problems together. We are open to high-candor feedback, uncomfortable truth-telling, and confronting gaps as a team. Standards are high and everyone is trusted, supported and expected to meet our standards.

What does success look like from our standpoint?

  • We’re delivering on programs that matter to us
  • We’re having fun
  • We’re learning as a team
  • We’re building stability
  • We’re doing things the right way - with commitment, integrity, and teamwork

Join the Ridgeline Team

We’re smart, we have very eclectic backgrounds, and we all bring an innate curiosity and desire to learn. We enjoy our work, which makes for a fun vibe around the office, and almost all of us have interesting hobbies outside of the office.