Our clients depend on us to anticipate new digital threats and to have a solution ready before they experience it themselves, which is why a large portion of our budget is dedicated to research and development. Our solutions are industry-leading because we’ve lived through the same frustrations and problems as our clients. We understand their pain points so we invest in ideas we believe will make life better for them.

Our R&D work includes experimenting with innovative software, practical hardware, cybersecurity, 3D printing, virtual reality, and drone building. We work with people of all backgrounds and have fun doing it. We take our ideas from napkin drawing, to prototype, to functioning model at speeds that were previously unheard of in our industry. We keep our eyes on the future so our clients can focus on the present.

Our R&D team members appreciate the opportunity to get paid to be creative and conjure up innovative ideas. They get to experiment, collaborate, think big thoughts and then turn them into tangible solutions. An R&D mindset is rooted in our culture, so team members from every part of the company are encouraged to come up with novel solutions and try them out. We have a great feedback loop with our clients so we get to iterate with them along the way, working together to build a solution that's “just right.”

"At Ridgeline, you don’t have to just play in your one little play area. I’ve gotten to play with operating systems, raw Wi-Fi packets, and networks. You’d think you’d get mental whiplash but that’s not the case. The more I’m exposed to, the more interested I am as the problem set is so intriguing."

Eli Laudi

Software Engineer

Life at Ridgeline

We are an energized and engaged team with a focus on solving hard problems together. We are open to high-candor feedback, uncomfortable truth-telling, and confronting gaps as a team. Standards are high and everyone is trusted, supported and expected to meet our standards.

What does success look like from our standpoint?

  • We’re delivering on programs that matter to us
  • We’re having fun
  • We’re learning as a team
  • We’re building stability
  • We’re doing things the right way - with commitment, integrity, and teamwork

Join the Ridgeline Team

We’re smart, we have very eclectic backgrounds, and we all bring an innate curiosity and desire to learn. We enjoy our work, which makes for a fun vibe around the office, and almost all of us have interesting hobbies outside of the office.