If this year is typical, then one in four companies on the planet will suffer a compromise of its data or communications. That number is certainly low because many companies do not report, or in some cases do not know, that they have been attacked. In 2018, the average loss in a data breach was more than $7 million, and hackers earned $650 billion in stolen data and intellectual property.

We create tailored solutions for big and small companies to safeguard their data and communications against these kinds of losses and threats. We provide custom hardware, software, training, and consultation for securing your company’s communications and data at rest. Our solutions allow you to manage to your specifications - who sees your communications or even the fact that you are communicating - so that your plans and IP remain only yours. Competitors and third parties will see what you want them to see. Ridgeline builds technical and behavioral solutions to protect against threats to your data from both inside your company and out.

Our strengths are our R&D, product development speed, training, and international experience. Just as we have built solutions for the most demanding government customers, our business solutions are built to your needs and only your needs. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by bringing unique software and hardware from conception, to design, to prototype, to functioning model in months. These solutions are created and adapted to your company’s requirements, whether they involve mobile, web, back-end, or all three. We train and maintain all our products and run a 24/7 Security Operations Center to respond to those needs.

Life at Ridgeline

We are an energized and engaged team with a focus on solving hard problems together. We are open to high-candor feedback, uncomfortable truth-telling, and confronting gaps as a team. Standards are high and everyone is trusted, supported and expected to meet our standards.

What does success look like from our standpoint?

  • We’re delivering on programs that matter to us
  • We’re having fun
  • We’re learning as a team
  • We’re building stability
  • We’re doing things the right way - with commitment, integrity, and teamwork

Join the Ridgeline Team

We’re smart, we have very eclectic backgrounds, and we all bring an innate curiosity and desire to learn. We enjoy our work, which makes for a fun vibe around the office, and almost all of us have interesting hobbies outside of the office.