Research & Development

Our R&D work ranges from building drones, to creating circuit boards, to 3-D printing, to virtual reality, to innovations in software, hardware, and cyber. We take our ideas from napkin drawing, to prototype, to functioning model at speeds that were previously unheard of in our industry.

Software Engineering

We specialize in secure communications and create unique software to help our clients achieve their goals. We create both mobile and web applications, develop back-end services, and maintain the systems we build.

System Engineering

We safeguard client data by creating our own infrastructure. We build and maintain servers, networks, and storage in a virtual environment. We also provide 24/7 support through our Network Security Operations Center.

Training & Support

Education is the cornerstone of what we do. Our training team teaches cybersecurity courses, provides exercise support, conducts individual consultations, and provides hands-on assistance for our clients on-site.


We offer cyber courses, services, and products to help our clients better operate in any environment around the world. We have real world operational experience, sophisticated technical capabilities, and novel technologies.

Business Solutions

We create tailored solutions so companies can safeguard their information against data breaches. We secure your communications so that your plans and intellectual property are yours alone and don’t wind up in the hands of a competitor or third party.

Join the Ridgeline Team

We’re smart, we have very eclectic backgrounds, and we all bring an innate curiosity and desire to learn. We enjoy our work, which makes for a fun vibe around the office, and almost all of us have interesting hobbies outside of the office.