With a Workforce of Over 40% Veterans,
You’ll Fit Right In.

At Ridgeline, a lot of our teammates are veterans. In fact, over 40% of our workforce comes to us with prior military experience.

We know exactly what concerns they had when they were leaving the military:

  • Losing out on a worthy mission that drives your service
  • Being unable to translate your experience and expertise into skills that fit corporate job descriptions
  • Navigating professional growth and advancement outside a rank structure
  • Missing the camaraderie with teammates not usually found in corporate workplace culture

Does any of that resonate?

We were founded by veterans, so we understand the transition to the private sector better than most. Let us address some of your concerns.

Our work provides a clear mission and tangible sense of community which resonate with many veterans. We do a lot of business with U.S. Government organizations, so your knowledge base and understanding will prove useful.

We find that your prior experiences are a perfect fit for our culture and our client base. And frankly, there are some skills and expertise we simply can't find anywhere else. What you have is what we need.

We'll admit, we're not quite as structured as the military, but there is a clear organization and plenty of opportunity for advancement. As we grow as a company, we're becoming more and more structured. You'll know exactly where you stand.

We always look for hardworking, reliable team members who share our passion for technology and innovation. We have an engaging work environment where veterans can apply their significant skillsets to a new mission, discovering rewarding work they enjoy. And don't worry, there's still plenty of banter and camaraderie. It's just business casual, instead of a uniform.

Whether you're just transitioning to the private sector, or have been around a while, we think you'd fit right in. But we know that you may have some concerns if you're just leaving the service.

To help out, we have strong relationships with many veteran service organizations and transition offices such as SkillBridge, Hiring our Heroes, and the Virginia Department of Veteran Services to make the transition easy.

If you're seeking a new mission, we'd love to meet you.

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