Photo headshot of Eric Bell

Eric Bell

Chief Administrative Officer

7 years at Ridgeline

How would you describe your role?

In short, I oversee the support infrastructure for Ridgeline. I like to call it the backbone. So, anything that promotes accomplishing our mission and allows a teammate to get their job done, anything employee-centric, I oversee those functions.

How would you describe your leadership style?

I firmly believe in rowing the boat along with my leadership and with my direct reports. This accomplishes two things. One, I absolutely want to provide an example of what right looks like. But also, I want them to take this example, and be empowered to steer on their own.

What’s something new you’ve learned recently?

I LOVE different types of food, but I never knew until recently how much I also hated certain types. I learned this when I switched to a “cleaner” eating lifestyle in support of my fitness goals. Consuming 4,000 daily calories is a daunting task and very difficult to maintain. But, I’m no quitter!

What’s your super power?

Mind control. Through my actions, through my leadership style, through my influence, I can change the course of direction for the people I work with. If I’m having a good time, I can encourage someone else to have a good time. If someone’s having a tough day, through my ability or willingness to see a positive outcome for their problem or challenge, I can help them work toward that vision too.

What is something going on at Ridgeline that you’re excited to see grow or develop?

I’m always excited to see the growth and development of our organization. There is so much autonomy here that you don’t have stovepipes of information or single points of failure for critical elements of our business. I think this is a sign of progress in the right direction. We continue to develop “leaders” at every level throughout our organization, and because of this, everyone knows where they fit and uses their skills and expertise to help us address issues without having to rely on someone at the next level up to direct them to do so.

How would you describe Ridgeline’s culture?

We have an action-oriented culture. Everyone has a part to play in our business, regardless of where you sit in the organizational structure, and everyone knows how their piece of the pie contributes to the mission. That sense of belonging permeates through the organization overall.

Can you tell us about a time when you were inspired or impressed by the great work of another Ridgeliner?

I’m always impressed by the work that we continue to deliver in support of our clients. But, what inspires me the most is what we do outside of the organization. Whether it’s our Convergence activities, or our philanthropic efforts we’ve done together, the willingness to pull resources and manpower to give to someone else, those things inspire me more than anything else.

What makes Ridgeline unique?

It’s the people. There is a ton of talent here within the organization, and a ton of high-functioning individuals. But, the fact that we can all work together to set goals and achieve our mission, that’s what makes us special.

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