A Secure Sandbox To Visualize Your Digital Signature​

A Secure Data Visualization & Analytics Platform

Illustration of a city with many digital sensors being covered by a virtual dome

Get The Complete Picture
Leave No Trace

Vision is a next-generation training solution that brings the digital landscape into your line of sight. Vision creates a synthetic UTS environment tailored to your training needs. The platform integrates a comprehensive suite of secure communications and collaboration apps and a user-friendly analytics dashboard. You’ll know exactly what signature your activity is creating both in the field and in the data. This will help you avoid investigative triggers during your mission.

Screenshot of vision interface showing map view with detailed stats from phone data

A Secure Sandbox To Visualize Your Digital Signature

Vision brings many datasets together for a complete picture of your digital signature. This includes data from devices, sensors, and infrastructure such as phone towers and Wi-Fi networks. You can test Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) in a secure environment before it hits the data economy. This allows you to “know what’s knowable” without leaving a trace.

An Extra Layer of Security

Vision is built for unique testing and simulation in a secure sandbox environment. We use private cellular gateways, multi-cloud virtual infrastructure, and encrypted data routing techniques to protect data as it moves from user devices, through public infrastructure, to a secure server cluster. This extra layer allows for precise control of data traffic in both directions, meaning you can visualize and analyze without creating an anomalous digital signature.

Screenshot of Vision interface showing map view with colored wedges for cell phone tower ranges, as well as display options in a sidebar

Intuitive Reporting and Analytics

  • Dashboards that drive insight and action
  • Pull customizable reports according to your use case
  • Real-time feedback gives you situational awareness
  • Enhanced analytics and training metrics for student feedback and assessment

Secure Comms & Collaboration

Vision includes a suite of applications for secure communications such as zero-trust encrypted messaging, video and voice calling, push-to-talk, file sharing, email, and more. Vision also enhances situational awareness through integrated mapping and reporting features so you can see both the digital and physical terrain. 

Screenshot of Vision interface showing Secure file sharing capabilities
Screenshot of Vision interface showing User Management capabilities

A Low Risk Environment For Training

  • Students can “mess up” safely without consequence thanks to Vision’s sandbox environment
  • Train TTPs to avoid Investigative Triggers during your mission
  • Send course announcements, complete student assessments, and review training materials 
  • User profiles such as student, instructor, and admin let you start training right away, and can be customized
  • Enroll and manage new students remotely and securely
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