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POLAR Training Series​​

Ubiquitous Technical Surveillance (UTS) is an ever-growing and constantly changing threat to business and government organizations.

Ridgeline training gives our clients the knowledge and tools they need to meet this threat head-on. Whether you’re searching for a foundational course on the basics of UTS or advanced training and exercise support tailored to your mission, there’s a course for you.

Our instructors are subject matter experts with practical, in-the-field experience on a broad range of UTS and Digital Signature Management topics. We’ve developed a comprehensive curriculum to meet our customers exactly where they are.

Ridgeline offers a deep catalog of UTS and Digital Signature Management courses. The POLAR Training Series is one of our most popular. POLAR stands for Pattern of Life Anomaly Response, the model we use for assessing the UTS threat landscape.

Ridgeline’s flagship training series helps our customers understand their digital signature, make better operational decisions, and use technology effectively in UTS environments.

We're the only company to provide hands-on, tech-enhanced training and advisory services on all aspects of UTS and Digital Signature Management

Circular certification badge that says Polar Certified - Management with a Ridgeline logo and circuitboard pattern in the center

POLAR 100: Risk Management

This three-day foundational course on UTS threat vectors helps students assess their current posture, identify and mitigate UTS risks, and shape future enterprise policy and resource decisions. During this course, students will gain a conceptual and practical understanding of UTS through in-depth case studies, interactive discussions, and scenario-based training. This course is appropriate for students new to UTS concepts and those who need to integrate a UTS mindset into their core duties.

  • Length: 3 Days
  • Delivery Methods: Lecture and discussion

POLAR 101: Insights

Travel safe. This 5-day course provides a hands-on introduction to Digital Signature Management using Ridgeline technology to visualize the digital landscape. Insights helps students build a baseline of skills for mitigating UTS threats and managing digital signatures at home and abroad. Students learn mobile device fundamentals, everyday UTS mitigation techniques, best practices for procuring technology and services, and essential skills for managing data at-rest and in-transit. This course features extensive training in common scenarios such as managing technology at home, work travel to sensitive sites, international personal travel, and OCONUS TDY and PCS.

  • Length: 5 Days
  • Delivery Methods: Lecture, discussion, guided demonstration, tech-enhanced hands-on exercises
Circular certification badge that says Polar Certified - Foundational with a Ridgeline logo and circuitboard pattern in the center

POLAR 201: Applications

Applications is a five-day advanced digital signature management course tailored to your mission. The course begins with an in-depth study of online and electronic UTS threat vectors. Students then work through a series of practical and field exercises using tactics and technology that mirror their mission in a UTS environment simulated through our Vision product. Ridgeline instructors guide students through planning, preparation, and execution. They also provide actionable feedback using data collection and analytics.

  • Length: 5 Days
  • Delivery Methods: Lecture, discussion, guided demonstration, tech-enhanced hands-on exercises

POLAR 301: Capstone

This five-day combined training and practical exercise course guides students through planning and mission execution in a UTS environment. Each Capstone scenario is tailored to our customer’s mission. Instructors leverage Ridgeline’s Vision product to give real-time feedback throughout the event and detailed after action reviews.

  • Length: 5 Days
  • Delivery Methods: Tech-enhanced, hands-on exercises, SME guidance and review


A POLAR Lab offers a three- or five-day period of experimentation in a lab environment where students can practice tactics and techniques using Ridgeline’s Vision system while tapping into the unique expertise of our staff of instructors. These labs are offered as a stand-alone course, or as an add-on to POLAR 101, 201, or 301. Students receive real-time feedback from SMEs and visualize UTS threats using Ridgeline technology. 

Ridgeline offers courses on various other UTS and signature management topics. Request a complete list of Ridgeline's course offerings.

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