Understand, Manage, and Shape Your Digital Signature​

Ridgeline Offers A Variety Of Services To Fit Your Unique Situation

Red Cell Services

Ridgeline’s Red Cell services immerse customers in a true-to-life simulation of the digital landscape where they can see UTS threats alongside the physical ones. 

Ridgeline works with participants, exercise planners, and leadership to craft an exercise environment either in the field or in a test lab that accurately represents the desired threat landscape. Ridgeline’s Vision product enhances our Red Cell exercises by integrating full packet data capture and an easy-to-use analytics dashboard. Customers train, test, and validate technology and tactics in a secure environment that limits what data hits the economy before, during, and after the exercise. 

Red Cells are followed up with comprehensive post-exercise reports and presentations delivered by Ridgeline’s technical subject matter experts so our customers get the most effective and actionable insight available. 

Curious what kind of data exposure you’re currently operating with? What can a competitor or adversary find out about your business? The answer might surprise you. Ridgeline performs digital signature risk assessments to give you and your business a better picture of where the threats are so that you’re empowered to take action. Ridgeline’s comprehensive approach to digital signature management begins with understanding the threat. We use a proprietary, industry-leading framework to identify data collection threats across legal, infrastructure, financial, and technological vectors. With the assessment, we also provide actionable guidance through reports and executive presentations on how to mitigate against the most pressing issues. 

Digital Signature Risk Assessment

Tech Consults

Whether you’re an executive planning a trip overseas, or a military unit preparing for a mission, Ridgeline’s tech consults set you up for digital signature management success. Sit down with a Ridgeline technical expert who will help you configure your personal and work-issued devices to fit the security requirements you need and allow you to communicate secure from prying eyes. From adjusting the settings at the boot menu level of your laptop and revoking app access to device microphones and cameras, to setting up a travel VPN and more, this service is invaluable in defending your data against collection from advertisers, competitors, and foreign governments. Digital Signature Management is not a one-size-fits-all solution, so a focused and personalized tech consult session offers a tailored approach to your unique situation.

Network Security Operations Center

The Ridgeline Network and Security Operations Center (NSOC) delivers 24/7/365 information security, system, and network monitoring. With well-trained systems and information security professionals equipped with the right tools, the NSOC maintains a comprehensive view that allows for quick identification and remediation of issues. This holistic approach enables us to effectively keep our customer’s systems secure, online, and available around the clock.

Our NSOC provides the following capabilities:

24/7 Network & Security Monitoring

  • NSOC Watch provides 24/7/365 system and network monitoring of every IP-enabled host in the infrastructure
  • Timely response to unplanned system or network outages and issues
  • Real-time situational awareness and tracking of devices and service status to proactively identify potential issues so they can be addressed before an outage occurs
  • Awareness of planned outages and provider communications
  • Network monitoring to detect malicious activity and prevent damage
  • Up-to-date awareness of the latest threats and threat actors

24/7 Helpdesk

  • Users can reach out to the NSOC using the phone, online chat, or helpdesk tickets

Tier 1 & 2 Triage and Administration

  • NSOC personnel resolve issues at the lowest levels before escalating for quick resolution with minimal impact
  • Issues are directed to the correct group with any info gathered during the triage period
  • Our ticket management system is accessible to program managers and system administrations and engineers
  • When notifications occur, technicians review, investigate, validate, and provide solutions


  • System uptime and outage reports are provided on a monthly basis and are tailored to suit our customers’ needs
  • NSOC participates in after action reporting as part of our Program Management process

Operations & Maintenance 

  • NSOC administers user accounts, system back-ups, configuration management, and patching 
  • We perform periodic audits and log checks to confirm systems are optimized and in compliance
  • Resource management and optimization are handled by NSOC administrators 

Surge Support

  • NSOC supports projects with a surge in resources for quick delivery and incident response
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