"I never put in more than 40 hours a week. I have the flexibility to work that much if I wanted, but I like that I have plenty of time to focus outside of my work too."

- Sarah Polzer, Software Engineer

Our clients face rather unique security challenges and they can't rely on common enterprise software solutions to solve them. A lot of these existing applications come with major security trade-offs. The solutions we offer are different because we own all of the data and infrastructure end-to-end. This is how we (and our clients) sleep easy at night.

We build custom software solutions to help our clients connect to the world and do business securely. We are not a mass-production company – you won't see us advertise our latest SaaS product online. You won't hear about our killer app on TechCrunch.

We make tailored solutions such as custom Android apps, which are primarily written in Java (though we’re also exploring Kotlin, which is kind of fun). We also make modifications to use open source products and use modern languages like Java, Python, Angular, and SQL to solve software challenges.

Our custom software helps our clients mitigate technical risk and create a technical advantage. We create mobile as well as web applications, develop back-end services, and maintain the software we build. We get a lot of direct feedback from our clients and are able to use that feedback to enhance our system features and functionality.

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Our software team members appreciate the opportunity to learn a lot more than just software. They interact with the network side, go deep on problems, interact with customers, and go far outside the realm of what they had learned and been exposed to at other places. Fostering this type of collaboration and growth is a basic tenet of how we go about our day-to-day business.

We have a mature shop in the software team, processes are well defined and we don't expect you to put in more than a normal work day’s-worth of hours. That's not the type of culture here. We follow the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), an efficient way to develop software that fits the size of our team and the standards we hold ourselves to. (They're pretty high!)

The exciting thing about Ridgeline is that there's always new projects, updates, and ideas. You won't be working on maintaining legacy software written in 1995, we use modern tools and there's a great variety in the type of work we get to do.

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