Operate With Enhanced Visibility and Control Of Your Digital Signature

Technical Solutions Tailored To Your Organization

Every organization relies on technology to communicate and do business. But, most of us take for granted what we give up for all the great benefits it offers us. The convenience that modern software and things like cloud computing give us comes at a cost - our privacy and security.

Ridgeline understands our clients want to use all the best tools and software that big enterprises use, but without some of the drawbacks. For example, when you use something as simple as a messaging app, like Facebook Messenger or Microsoft Teams, all your "secure" communications goes through another company's servers.

How much do you trust companies like Facebook? Surely those companies have never leaked data, been hacked, or used this data in improper ways, right?

I think you get the point. The problem is trust.

The best solution to this problem, is to have your own software and systems. Ones that you control and trust. That's what we provide for our clients.

It's not good enough to just communicate and connect to the world, our clients need to be able to do that securely.

We understand the security challenges they face and write custom software to solve problems that can’t be solved through other means. Many popular applications come with security trade-offs. Our solutions are different because we own all of the data and infrastructure end-to-end. This is how we keep your data safe.

We're not a mass-market company. You'll notice we don't advertise our solutions or sell them online. We build unique solutions, and we do it fast.

We built software for web, desktop, and mobile devices. We only use best in class tools that we have thoroughly vetted and trust. We're also big fans of open source software. We sometimes make modifications to use open source products and use modern languages like Java, Python, Angular, and SQL to solve software challenges.

Our custom software helps our clients mitigate technical risk and create a technical advantage. We create mobile and web applications, develop back-end services, and maintain the software we build. We get a lot of direct feedback from our clients and are able to use that feedback to enhance our system features and functionality.

But we do more than just software. Our comprehensive approach to Digital Signature Management means that we also build the systems that go along with the software as well as any others your organization might need. That way, you're in full control.

We go deep on problems with our clients to engineer the systems, infrastructure, and networks exact to their specifications. Fostering this type of collaboration and growth is a basic tenet of how we go about our day-to-day business.

You can't do business with people you don't trust. And with our Software and Systems, you won't have to.