Our Team

Valued Team Members. Important Work.

We're looking for bright, innovative people who want to do work that matters.

At Ridgeline, the most important thing we look for when bringing someone onto our team is the right fit for our culture. We believe that culture and team chemistry are big factors in our success, and we've been so lucky to have found the right mix of talented individuals to form our team.

And we really are a team. We do important work for our clients, sometimes mission critical. That type of work doesn't get done without a solid team that trusts each other, works collaboratively, and feels safe sharing ideas that lead to innovation and growth.

It's gratifying to see your work make your teammates lives easier, and knowing they've got your back too.

If it seems like you’re a good fit culturally, the next thing we look at is what you're bringing to the table. We love finding people with unique experiences and talents and putting them in positions to shine. We want bright folks who are committed to the mission.

How We Work

We operate on a flexible in-person and remote environment, with team members working remotely across America, but mostly collected close to our main office in Northern Virginia.

Our team members come from different locations, lifestyles, and backgrounds. We celebrate the uniqueness and strength found in our diversity. It’s our differences that make us interesting, and our shared Mission that bring us together.

We value transparency, collaboration, and direct feedback.

In our field, we're always looking for talent that can keep up the fast pace that technology moves at. There's always opportunities in our Software and Systems teams, as well as for talented veterans looking to contribute in the private sector.

But, the way we work is a bit different than some other tech companies. We're more mature than a Silicon Valley startup. We’re focused on producing high quality work with equally high standards, without stifling the innovation that got us here. To do that, we need a sustainable culture and safe working environment that fosters a happy team. We have an inclusive and open-minded culture, led by an internal Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team that gives our team a chance to have their voices heard.

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