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Beyond Cyber

Nonprofits and non-governmental organizations hold troves of information and rely heavily on innovative communications technology for their programs and operations.ย 

NGOs often operate in complex and sensitive environments, tackling issues such as human rights, environmental conservation, or humanitarian assistance. In these situations, it is crucial to maintain a level of anonymity or confidentiality to protect the safety of staff, partners, and beneficiaries.ย 

Unfortunately, this type of work may make NGOs and their staff targets of attack by criminals, terrorists, and authoritarian regimes. These adversaries seek to disrupt an organization’s ability to carry out activities, steal funds and information, access data on beneficiaries, and spread disinformation and politically motivated messaging by hijacking and misusing the platforms and identities of NGO stakeholders.

The stakes are high for NGOs to keep their information private and their technology secure.ย Managed Attribution is a critical consideration for NGOs in safeguarding their missions, protecting their operations, and upholding the trust of their stakeholders. By ensuring their activities are correctly attribution, NGOs can maintain their reputation and credibility, crucial for fundraising, partnerships, and advocacy efforts.

Ridgeline understands the unique threats NGOs face, and our Digital Signature Management solutions go beyond cyber security. We give our NGO partners the resources they need to operate safely and securely in challenging environments, protect their credibility and trust, and enhance their ability to communicate without revealing sensitive information. We enable NGOs to conduct their work discreetly, reducing the risk of retaliation or harm.

Whether it’s through our POLAR Training, our Digital Signature Risk Assessment, or utilizing our Universe infrastructure, Ridgeline has the tools to help NGOs better fulfill their missions and make a positive impact on the world.

If you have a mission you’re passionate about, we can help you succeed.

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