For Defense

For Defense

Operations in the UTS Era​

In today’s operational environment, every action leaves a trace that can reveal sensitive tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). Through your digital signature, personnel, their movements, locations, intentions, and more can be exposed to adversaries.

Ridgeline has been a trusted partner to our Defense customers for over eight years. They turn to our solutions because they are battle-tested and designed to meet stringent security and compliance needs. 

Digital Signature Management is an essential part of Digital Force Protection. It enables our customers to avoid investigative triggers, mitigate forensic reconstruction, and protect the ops site. In the era of Ubiquitous Technical Surveillance (UTS), it’s not enough to simply ensuring mission success in the present. Managing digital signatures also protects sensitive activities and TTPs in the past and prevents adversaries from accessing this information and using it to disrupt missions in the future.

Our training expands on the vulnerabilities, threats, and impacts the digital environment has on their physical and cognitive environment. You will learn a framework for thinking about how your behavior has consequences, as well as practical advice on how to secure devices and equipment.

On top of our Digital Signature Management training, Ridgeline also offers secure communications and enhanced situational awareness tools, as well as individualized device configuration sessions. We take a comprehensive approach to Digital Signature Management that helps customers operate safely and effectively in the era of UTS.

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