Your Competition Knows More Than You Think

Protect Your Sensitive Data, Technology, and Relationships

Our Markets

The world as we know it has changed. Ubiquitous Technical Surveillance (UTS) gives competitors, partners, media, and the public unfettered access to massive amounts of information about your enterprise. Imagine a hostile actor learning about your emails, where you are going, what you are doing online, your financial transactions, and your business decisions. This happens in every industry, every day, and most have no clue. Do you want to keep operating undefended?

Digital Signature Management is the solution. Ridgeline’s extensive catalog of tech products, training, and tailored services help our customers across a wide variety of markets keep their data and operations secure. 

For Defense

Operations in the UTS Era

In today’s operational environment, every action leaves a trace that can reveal sensitive tactics, techniques, and procedures, or expose personnel, their movements, locations, intentions, and more. Ridgeline has been a trusted partner to our Defense customers for over eight years. They turn to our technology because it is battle-tested and designed to meet stringent security and compliance needs. From secure communications and enhanced situational awareness tools, to Digital Signature Management training and individualized device configuration sessions, Ridgeline takes a comprehensive approach to Digital Signature Management that helps customers operate safely and effectively in the era of UTS.

For Enterprise

Keeping the Competitive Edge

Ridgeline works with customers across various commercial markets to protect their sensitive information and provide innovative technical solutions to data collection issues. But, the impact of proactive Digital Signature Management goes beyond protection. By controlling what data your competitors can see, Ridgeline helps our customers improve their operational performance while realizing cost savings and market growth. 

With Ridgeline’s enterprise Digital Signature Management solutions, our customers maintain their competitive edge in a new business landscape where market research and competitive intelligence cut deeper than ever before.

Our industry-leading framework covers data collection threats across legal, financial, and technological vectors. From expert guidance and consultation in managing your digital signatures, to software and systems solutions scaled for enterprise, our clients are equipped with the tools they need to protect their sensitive data and control the narrative that shapes their brand and bottom line.

"When you start to realize that the world is bristling with sensors, it's clear that you've got to make a change fast. Ridgeline was there for us."
- DoD Customer, 2022

For Government

For Organizational & Operational Threats

Governments worldwide employ an increasingly effective set of technical tools to monitor domestic and foreign populations. The rapid growth and ubiquity of technical sensors, data collection, and data analysis mark a paradigm shift in U.S. Government operations. Despite robust cybersecurity practices and protections, it’s easy and cheap to acquire a great deal of information about U.S. Government organizations, their personnel, and their operations through data available on the open market. Additionally, the ability to find anomalies in the data can lead to exposures in real-time and to scrutiny of past operations, regardless of how long ago they occurred.

UTS poses a serious threat and that isn’t going away.

And it’s not just operations that are threatened. Every aspect of the day-to-day business of a government organization is now knowable – from recruitment and logistics, to communications and accounting.

The operational landscape has changed, but Ridgeline is purpose-built to help you navigate it. Our government customers recognize the complex nature of the UTS threat. Over the past eight years, they’ve come to rely on us for comprehensive solutions to their toughest digital signature management challenges.


Beyond Cyber

Nonprofits and non-governmental organizations hold troves of information and rely heavily on innovative communications technology for their programs and operations. Unfortunately, their work may make them targets of attack by criminals, terrorists, and authoritarian regimes. These adversaries seek to disrupt an organization’s ability to carry out activities, steal funds and information, access data on beneficiaries, and spread disinformation and politically motivated messaging by hijacking and misusing the platforms and identities of NGO stakeholders.

The stakes are high for NGOs to keep their information private and their technology secure. Ridgeline understands these threats and our Digital Signature Management solutions go beyond cyber security to give our NGO partners the resources they need to be resilient and effective. 

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