Your Competition Knows More Than You Think

Protect Your Sensitive Data, Technology, and Relationships.

The business world as we know it has changed. Ubiquitous Data Collection gives competitors, partners, media, and the public unfettered access to massive amounts of information about your enterprise. Imagine your adversary learning about your emails, bank statements, and business decisions.

This is happening to companies in every industry every single day, and most have no clue. Do you want to continue to operate undefended?

Organizations spend billions of dollars every year on cybersecurity. They think they're protecting their business plans, IP, and other sensitive data. But traditional cyber security does not safeguard against Ubiquitous Data Collection.

The voluntary - if unwitting - sharing of data that takes place every time an internet search is performed, a flight is booked, an address is entered into GPS, or a banking transaction takes place online reveals more than enough for those who care to look. And people are looking.

With the right datasets, anyone can gain insight about an enterprise that is cheaper and more insightful than sophisticated business intelligence reports. And this revealing data record only continues to grow at an increasingly rapid rate, it's stored permanently, and it's accessible to anyone for free, or at a shockingly low cost.

With Ridgeline's enterprise Digital Signature Management, our customers maintain their competitive edge in the new business landscape threatened by Ubiquitous Data Collection. Our industry-leading framework covers data collection threats across legal, infrastructure, financial, and technological vectors. From guidance and consultation from experts in signature management, to software and systems solutions scaled for enterprise, our clients are equipped with the tools they need to protect their sensitive data and control the narrative that shapes their brand and bottom line.

Ridgeline works with customers across an array of commercial industries to protect their sensitive information and provide innovative technical solutions to data collection issues. The impact of proactive digital signature management goes beyond protection. By controlling the flow of data to competitors, Ridgeline helps our customers improve their operational performance while realizing cost-savings and market growth.

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