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Our In-House Swiss Army Knife

“If You Don’t Own It, It’s Not Yours.”

This is a key concept we teach to our clients when it comes to their digital signature and cybersecurity, and it’s become an in-house mantra as well.

We’re responsible for building and maintaining secure communications systems for clients all over the world. These systems use both off-the-shelf and custom-developed software, and hardware made in-house.

That concept of ownership and control drives how we think about building systems. We manage our systems from soup to nuts. We take security to an extreme, while maintaining ease of use for clients.

While most enterprise security solutions protect only the content of communications, we go further to protect both the content and context of communications. That’s the standard here.

We manage our systems from soup to nuts

"Having a team lead that I could reach out to for guidance and mentorship is something I haven’t experienced anywhere else I’ve worked and has contributed a great deal towards my success at the company."

We're Always Researching, Learning, And Exploring Ideas And New Technologies

We Engineer Our Own Infrastructure

That includes building and maintaining servers, networks, and storage – both in the virtual and physical environments. Our engineers take customer requirements and turn them into unique, high-performing systems that are efficient and cost effective. We also provide 24/7 support to our clients through our Network Security Operations Center, so we can immediately respond to any client needs that arise.

Our Systems Team appreciates working on solutions that are complex and varied, yet small and agile. Our engineers do a lot of hardcore applied science, as opposed to getting bogged down with maintenance and bureaucratic paperwork. Our percentage of O&M vs. engineering differs greatly from large-scale enterprise networks.

We’re always researching, learning, and exploring ideas and new technologies. This enables us to make the best decisions to serve our clients. Because having the right infrastructure may not be the sexiest thing, but it’s ultimately what enables our clients to succeed. We take pride in that.

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