Our clients depend on us to anticipate new digital threats and to have a solution ready before they experience it themselves, which is why a large portion of our budget is dedicated to research and development. Our solutions are industry-leading because we’ve lived through the same frustrations and problems as our clients. We understand their pain points so we invest in ideas we believe will make life better for them.

Our R&D work includes experimenting with innovative software, practical hardware, cybersecurity, 3D printing, virtual reality, and drone building. We work with people of all backgrounds and have fun doing it. We take our ideas from napkin drawing, to prototype, to functioning model at speeds that were previously unheard of in our industry. We keep our eyes on the future so our clients can focus on the present.

Our R&D team members appreciate the opportunity to get paid to be creative and conjure up innovative ideas. They get to experiment, collaborate, think big thoughts and then turn them into tangible solutions. An R&D mindset is rooted in our culture, so team members from every part of the company are encouraged to come up with novel solutions and try them out. We have a great feedback loop with our clients so we get to iterate with them along the way, working together to build a solution that's “just right.”

Life at Ridgeline

Our people matter. We know everyone says that - here’s how we prove it:

  • Our 401k plan includes an automatic 3% employer contribution along with a 7% employer match, totaling a 10% company contribution.
  • We have a self-managed PTO plan. As a company, we want to support a holistic and engaged lifestyle; we want you to enjoy life outside of work - and we want you to take care of yourself and the people you love when you need to. Burnout is bad for both you and us.
  • We have flexible work schedules. You’ll be able to work with your supervisor to figure out what’s best for your situation (we all know the chaos of living in the DMV).
  • We’ll give you $2500 each year to spend on a hobby or education. We want our people to be bursting with creativity and innovative ideas. That doesn’t happen in a vacuum! We want to support interesting endeavors and believe it pays off for us in the long run.
  • We’ll give you $2000 each year to buy clothes. When you look good, you feel good. And we think it’s just kind of fun!
  • We have a sweet office space that’s right on the Silver Line, with nitro cold brew on tap, sparkling water, legit snacks, and oodles of natural light. We like being here!
  • We are well resourced and will make sure you have what you need to do your job well. Get the technology and training you need – we’re a learning organization.
  • We’ll treat you like an adult and give you a voice. We want you to build this company with us. We’re figuring it out together and creating something special. We want you to speak up and help make this the kind of company you want to work for. We like it here and like each other.