We're probably not like most of the companies you've worked at, and that's by design. We think like tech nerds, but act like operators.

We're a tech company that was first on the ground in the fight against Ubiquitous Technical Surveillance. We help our government and enterprise customers solve a big problem that they sometimes don't even know they have. To become leaders in this space, we've relied heavily on curiosity, creativity, and flexibility. We iterate until we get things right, and innovate to get there faster.

But enough about us. What's in it for you?

We work hard and do fun things.

Apart from a constantly growing list of fascinating challenges to solve, Ridgeline offers a solid work-life balance, flexible remote work options, and a culture that values teamwork over competition. At Ridgeline, you will work with the most talented software developers, systems engineers, and subject matter experts to change how big enterprises and the U.S. Government manage their digital signatures



Our people matter. We know everyone says that. Here’s how we prove it:

  • Our 401k plan includes an automatic 3% employer contribution along with a 7% employer match, totaling a 10% company contribution.
  • We have a self-managed PTO plan. As a company, we want to support an engaged lifestyle; we want you to enjoy life outside of work - and we want you to take care of yourself and the people you love when you need to. Burnout is bad for both you and us.
  • We have flexible work schedules. You’ll be able to work with your supervisor to figure out what’s best for your situation (we all know the chaos of living in the DMV).
  • We’ll give you $2500 each year to spend on a hobby or education. We want our people to be bursting with creativity and innovative ideas. That doesn’t happen in a vacuum! We want to support interesting endeavors and believe it pays off for us in the long run.
  • We’ll give you $2000 each year to buy clothes. When you look good, you feel good. And we think it’s just kind of fun!
  • We have a sweet office space that’s right on the Silver Line, with nitro cold brew on tap,  legit snacks, and oodles of natural light. We like being here!
  • We are well resourced and will make sure you have what you need to do your job well. Get the technology and training you need – we’re a learning organization.
  • We’ll treat you like an adult and give you a voice. We want you to build this company with us. We’re figuring it out together and creating something special. We want you to speak up and help make this the kind of company you want to work for. We like it here and like each other. 

Our Culture

Our approach to building Ridgeline into an enduring enterprise is centered around three core tenets: innovation, teambuilding and corporate self-awareness.


It’s no secret that making an impact in our industry requires being highly attuned to the marketplace – evolving with our clients and innovating at key moments so we’re poised to deliver before they even know they need us. We’ve been champions of this since our start and see no signs that we are slowing down.


The second tenet is people-focused – how we form our teams and engage our workforce.

Our team provides us feedback in employee surveys, they speak up to their managers, they share their thoughts and ideas with colleagues, and they disrupt the status quo. We're proud to see the commitment to making us a better company.

We try to create an environment where people can be creative, take risks, and add to their toolbox of skills. We do so through the lens of inclusivity. We look for diversity of skill, experiences, and background.


The third area involves us looking in the mirror as a company and appreciating what we see, both the good and the not so good. Rather than asking “How big can we get?” we ask “How good can we be?” certain that growth and sustainability will follow as a result.

We’re our biggest critics and are comfortable digging into the details when we fail. Acknowledging our strengths AND weaknesses drives us to push boundaries and reach for more.