Photo headshot of Melissa Fuller

Melissa Fuller

How would you describe your role? My job falls into two related bins. First is ensuring that the training that we provide our customers reflects an ironclad understanding of the problems they face and how they want to solve them, and also that Ridgeline is recognizing cutting edge technology – both the threats and opportunities …

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Photo headshot of Joel Hogendobler

Joel Hogendobler

How would you describe what you do? I guess at a high level, I lead a team of talented, motivated engineers and admins who are excited about our customers’ missions. In more detail, it depends on the day. Some days I’m providing counseling to people working on career development, and sometimes I’m stepping in to …

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A photo headshot of Antigone Peyton

Antigone Peyton

Antigone is an attorney and Ridgeline’s Director of Legal & Policy. She manages risk in the organization and helps other people do the same.

A photo headshot of Tom Petersen

Tom Petersen

How would you describe your role? I take Ridgeline’s business vision and shape it into technical direction. To break that down, our leadership on the business side of the house comes up with a high-level idea about a new market segment they want to target or a product they want to build, and it’s my …

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Photo headshot of Ed Rueda

Ed Rueda

How would you describe your role? I do client outreach and business development. So, the main thing is trying to find new clients and increase our overall revenue as a company. Ubiquitous Technical Surveillance means that there is a need for Digital Signature Management across the board for businesses and government customers alike. How would …

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Photo headshot of Jessica Guzman

Jessica Guzman

How would you describe your role? I lead and provide direction for all activities in Ridgeline’s contracts administration function, and my team is relied upon for conducting streamlined negotiation, creation, execution, and closeout of contracts. I am challenged by finding creative solutions that optimize our contract management activity that can lead to operational efficiencies. A key part …

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A photo headshot of Michael Stokes

Michael Stokes

How would you describe your role? I run marketing and business development at Ridgeline. This consists of driving strategic growth, managing brand awareness, capturing new business, and bringing new partners, relationships, and customers to Ridgeline. How would you describe your leadership style? My job is to empower and motivate our employees to work towards a …

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A photo headshot of Eric Offermann

Eric Offermann

How would you describe your role? I’m responsible for managing and coordinating the design, development, testing, and maintenance of the software that we develop in-house. I ensure we deliver high quality software that meets our customers’ needs today, while also planning for tomorrow’s challenges. I do lots of other things as well that aren’t strictly …

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A photo headshot of Paul Gripka

Paul Gripka

How would you describe your role? My role is coordinating staffing and training our Training & Advisory Services (TAS) instructors to meet customer requirements. It can be chaotic, but in a fun way. No two days are the same. Our customers are very unique and their requirements are unique, so sometimes my role is to …

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Photo headshot of Rob Couey

Rob Couey

How would you describe your role? I’m responsible for all things information security at the company. This extends to protecting all of Ridgeline’s assets, equipment, proprietary information, personnel, and all of the data entrusted to us by our customers. I keep them safe from intrusions, compromises, and unauthorized disclosures of activities, applications, and sensitive data …

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