Illustration of a man walking with his phone and laptop bag, with icons for different data collectors around him, such as WiFi, cameras, credit cards. All tinted teal

What is UTS?

Your data is a valuable commodity, and the ability to collect and store this data is cheaper and easier than ever. What happens when our adversaries use this data?

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2023 Ridgeline International STEM Scholarship Now Open

On Monday, May 1, Ridgeline announced the beginning of their fourth annual scholarship application cycle. Started in 2020, the Ridgeline International STEM Scholarship is awarded to three undergraduate students at U.S. colleges or universities majoring in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics. “We are excited to once again extend our support to students

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Illustration of a laptop with various data and security related icons around it

5 Simple Data Safety Tips

In today’s digital age, the data we use and create is integral to our lives. There are many reasons to want to protect this data, whether you’re concerned about privacy or want to defend against data breaches and cyberattacks. Data safety has never been more important, and we must take steps to protect our information

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Understanding Digital Encryption and Its Role in Data Security

You’re probably aware that in the UTS Ubiquitous Technical Surveillance erayour data is constantly being collected, shared, and stored. At Ridgeline, we’re focused on helping our customers understand and control what data they put out into the world through an approach called Digital Signature Management so they keep their competitive edge against adversaries and competitors.

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Ridgeline Celebrates 8 Years in Business

Tysons, Va. (May 25, 2023) – On a sunny afternoon at the start of summer, Ridgeline International marked the eighth anniversary of the company’s founding with a tropical celebration attended by more than 80 members of the Ridgeline team and their friends and family. The party featured music, a barbecue, drinks, and games. Ridgeliners also

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