Jeannie Fox

"I can’t believe how much I’ve grown technically in the time I’ve been here. People are really helpful; when I get stuck, they are very generous with their knowledge."

Jeannie Fox

Systems Administrator

What did you work on yesterday?

I spent a lot of time learning about new software and programs that I'm being exposed to for the first time. In addition, I generated a report for our backup jobs. I’m basically learning as I’m tasked at Ridgeline. I spent time with one of our new Sys Admins, providing guidance on installations. I also did some configuration of the monitoring system that feeds into our Network Security Operations Center – I added a couple additional servers that need to be monitored.

How would you describe what you do at Ridgeline?

I set up and configure software used for monitoring and alerting us when there are system issues. I make it easy to search security logs. Almost everything I do at Ridgeline is new to me – I’m used to working in Windows and here I work on Linux which is outside of my comfort zone. I build servers with Linux operating systems so everything about the environment is completely new.

Why did you come to Ridgeline?

I knew I wanted to work in a small company because I like it when work feels like family. I like having close relationships with my team and across the whole company, which is how it feels at Ridgeline. I really liked what Adam (the recruiter) told me about Ridgeline’s corporate culture and the benefits. I was excited to keep moving forward in the interview process. During my in-person interview I expressed that I didn’t want to be siloed, and the leadership team assured me that would not be the case. There would be lots of opportunities to learn new technology if I wanted it. All of the things they’ve told me are true.

Why have you stayed at Ridgeline?

I’m fairly new but I want to stay here as long as they want to keep me. I love the culture. The people are really nice. There are SO many smart people to learn from. I can’t believe how much I’ve grown technically in the time I’ve been here. People are really helpful; when I get stuck, they are very generous with their knowledge. In previous jobs that has not been the case – I’ve worked with plenty of people who do not want to share. That’s not how Ridgeline is at all.

What advice would you give to someone considering working at Ridgeline? Why should they do it? Why should they not?

Ridgeline is an amazing company. Everybody is so warm – peers, admin staff, management and senior leadership - I feel like I really belong here. Like they truly care about me. I’ve never experienced that in other companies. Ridgeline is very different. Sometimes I ask myself, “Why would I ever want to leave?” People just need to find out for themselves. I’ve been especially grateful during the COVID-19 pandemic – Erik creates these videos about how the company is doing and I feel so blessed and secure to be part of this team. I love it here and I’m excited to come to work every day.

What kind of things do you enjoy outside of work?

I like doing outdoor activities – walking, hiking, and playing tennis. I love doing crafts – recently I’ve been sewing masks and sending them to family members. I enjoy cooking, baking, video games, board games, anime, in fact I attend 1-2 anime conventions every year. I love photography and am planning to use my hobby allowance to take a photography class this year, maybe a firearms class and some dance lessons as well.