Eric Offermann

"If you take any chances in life, this [working at Ridgeline] should be one of them."

Eric Offermann

Lead Software Engineer

What did you work on yesterday?

I was debugging an issue we were having with a secure communication app. It was a collaborative effort with a few other developers and some systems team members. It’s hard to get all the key stakeholders in the same room to run through an end-to-end test of a new system. In the end we found our next roadblock that the developers could work towards fixing.

How would you describe what you do at Ridgeline?

I do whatever the latest requirement is. This is life at a start-up! Everyone does everything until you have people dedicated to doing certain things. My role has changed a lot since I started 2.5 years ago – sometimes I write code and help people debug and sometimes I organize our efforts as a software team so we can make them repeatable. I get to help shape and define the way we write software here at Ridgeline. Managing the team means we can keep expanding and growing.

Why did you come to Ridgeline?

I was looking for a new opportunity and had a few friends who worked here, which signaled to me it was an ok place to be. I talked to the Founders -- they were looking for someone to write software. As they described the problems they were trying to solve, I realized it was what I wanted to work on. At the time they had paying customers but no software developers. My first task was to help professionalize some of the products that had been developed previously.

Why have you stayed at Ridgeline?

Ridgeline has delivered on every promise that they’ve made to me. In my interview, I said I wanted to build a team; they said they wanted that too. I’m always skeptical when people promise things but they’ve continued to deliver. Pretty early on, I said we needed to hire a lot more developers; they said go for it. They have not been put off by the things I’ve asked for; in fact, it seems like opportunities have grown more and more. I’m as excited to come to work today as I was on my first day.

What advice would you give to someone considering working at Ridgeline? Why should they do it? Why should they not?

Do it if you’re looking for excitement or don’t feel like you’re making a difference in your current role. If you take any chances in life, this should be one of them. In fact, it’s fairly low risk. It’s a fun environment, great people to be around, and there’s constant growth and change.

Don’t do it if you like having a lot of structure, appreciate policies and don’t do well with uncertainty. There’s a lot of times we realize we’re doing something we’ve never done before and we have to establish new standards. The people here now are defining these processes. Check us out in a few years if you want them already established.

What kind of things do you enjoy outside of work?

I love spending time with my wife and daughter and I also have a ton of hobbies. I’m a tinkerer and maker outside of work. I have a small laser company. I love woodworking, yardwork, and DIY projects. I like to stay really busy – I’m normally up and about all day jumping from project to project. I love building Ridgeline so a lot of it doesn’t feel like work, but I also have time for all the other things I care about. People at Ridgeline make time for what they care about and I do the same.