Adam Avitabile

“We need people who are comfortable with a rapidly changing environment. Ridgeline is a giant lump of clay. There are so many ways you can mold it. It’s really up to team members to shape and form this company.”

Adam Avitabile

Talent Acquisition Lead

What did you work on yesterday?

The majority of my day consisted of meeting with our team and collaborating on recruiting needs across the company. I talked with candidates who applied to our positions; conducted interviews; and reached out to passive candidates who don’t yet know who Ridgeline is. I get to help paint the picture of how they can contribute to what we have going on here, and how they fit into our talent puzzle.

How would you describe what you do at Ridgeline?

I am always looking for the best talent to help support our organizational needs. I get to strategize with hiring managers across the company on how we can fill roles on their teams. I also get to be an ambassador representing Ridgeline and why we’re a great place to work.

Why did you come to Ridgeline?

I was not looking for a job and Ridgeline approached me. I got a call out of nowhere and didn’t know who Ridgeline was but something was tugging at my heart to give them a call back. Then they invited me to an interview. I liked the idea of building up the talent acquisition function – playing a significant role in helping the organization grow. I’d get to help establish processes and procedures, which is something I’ve always enjoyed. I like creating something from nothing; refining things and making them better. I’d get to make a mark while doing what I love.

Why have you stayed at Ridgeline?

The culture. The people. We have a strong sense of community within the company. I don’t feel like I’m a number but rather that I’m part of the mission. At my last job I felt like a cog in the wheel, but here I know I directly impacted the mission. I love the monthly socials we do as a team. The leadership team is super transparent, I trust them across the company. Erik sends weekly emails and has quarterly All-Hands that help keep us informed, I really like that. I love seeing our growth and new business, it feels really stable. The story has yet to be written at Ridgeline and I want to keep being an author of that story.

What advice would you give to someone considering working at Ridgeline? Why should they do it? Why should they not?

If you want to do the best work of your life and be challenged, come to Ridgeline. If you’re innovative, creative and self-directed, you can do absolutely amazing things. You’ll be empowered. If you need a tool or resource to help you do your job, you will get those resources. That said, if you need structure and someone to task orient you, it will not be the right place for you. We need people who can operate independently and have an entrepreneurial mindset. If you don’t have those things in your DNA you won’t like it here.

We’re five years old but we’re still operating like a start-up - processes and procedures are not always going to be in place - are you the kind of person who could create one? We need people who are comfortable with a rapidly changing environment. Ridgeline is a giant lump of clay. There are so many ways you can mold it. It’s really up to team members to shape and form this company. Are you comfortable working in that kind of environment?

What kind of things do you enjoy outside of work?

I play competitive men's softball and love all New York professional sports teams –Yankees, Knicks, Jets and Rangers (I’m from Long Island originally). I am involved with my church, and I am also a global missionary. Also, I love working outdoors – landscaping, yard work; this is my third summer in my house and seeing what I’ve been able to do in my yard since I purchased it has been really rewarding. I love spending time with my family – I’m married and have three kids. Since I’ve been at Ridgeline I’ve never had a work thing get in the way of me spending time with my family or doing things outside of work, which is nice.