We've experienced significant growth in our five year history. What was once a team of four is now a team of 200. Below is a sample of employees from across the company, sharing their experiences at Ridgeline. We’re all building Ridgeline together and want teammates to help make this the company they want to work for.

Erik Wittreich

Chief Executive Officer

Embracer of Einstein’s quote, “I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.”

Eric Bell

Chief Administrative Officer

Fan of cycles, cars, and coasters, continuous learner, goal oriented, travel enthusiast, adventurous.

Karl Williams

Chief Operating Officer

Globe trekker with 7 out of 7 continents, old world wine guy, NJ native: Bruce, Sunday Gravy, Down the Shore.

Nick Munchel

Director of Finance

Outdoor enthusiast, gear junkie, golf lover, obsessively competitive, golf hater, energized by people and cold brew.

Kay Russell

Director of Human Resources

Intuitive, caring and loyal, passionate about family and travel, meticulous about detail.

Matt Mead

Director of Talent Management

Caretaker of talent, voracious reader, rabid NFL fan, data-curious, PowerPoint champion, slow cyclist, home-chef extraordinaire.

Sarah Polzer

Software Engineer

Lover of coding in Python, Uber Eats, and yoga; daily wearer of black Jesus sandals; liker of dogs but no time to take care of one.

Peter Garrett

R&D Hardware Integrator

Professional enabler, solutions specialist, void-er of warranties, Southern gentleman, family man, gamer and 3D printer.

Sean McMillin

Systems Administrator

Lover of all things DIY, hot sauce enthusiast, dog lover. music aficionado.

Jeannie Fox

Systems Administrator

Easy to get along with, crafter, baker, technology fanatic, nature lover, social introvert, Japanophile, bargain hunter.

Amanda Tavares

Deputy Program Manager

Lover of laughter, obsessive organizer, dancing queen, planner of parties, proud New Englander, loyal friend.

Eric Offermann

Lead Software Engineer

Maker at heart, lover of laser beams & 3D printers, unashamed Long Islander, "No your pizza is not as good as NY pizza."

Jasmine Johnson

Systems Administrator

Lover of tattoos, tigers, traveling and tasting new food, veteran looking for the next shoe, book & tech to add to the collection.

Adam Avitabile

Talent Acquisition Lead

USMC veteran, NY sports fanatic, global missionary, enjoys the outdoors, tech enthusiast, made in New York.