We take a comprehensive approach to Digital Signature Management that’s been developed through hands-on work and close partnership with our clients. It's not just cybersecurity, data analysis, or tech integration, it's all of those things combined, and more. We provide consulting services, training, and software solutions to help you do business according to your needs.

Ridgeline helps our clients understand that using technology comes with a tradeoff between privacy and convenience. The internet and modern technologies have changed the way the world works. They have made it easier to communicate, buy and sell things, and to scale your business. But, those benefits come at a cost. The cost of convenience is our privacy. 

We (and our clients), all love the benefits and conveniences of having computers in our pockets, accessing our files in the cloud, and being able to chat with someone across the world at practically no cost. But, when we do those things, we want to know who else is benefiting from our sensitive data. And how we can protect ourselves, enjoy those benefits, while keeping our privacy and security intact.

Ridgeline's approach to digital signature management - understanding the threat, controlling the flow of data, and shaping the narrative - helps businesses and government organizations strike the right balance between privacy and convenience.

Our Clients

We keep our eyes on the future so you can focus on the present.

Ridgeline partners with those who are tackling the toughest national security challenges that our country faces. Our clients include the U.S. Government, private and public companies, and nonprofit organizations. The common thread for our clients is that it's a priority to do business securely, efficiently, and privately. We deliver the solutions they need on how to manage in the age of UTS.

Our Unique Approach

Thousands of sensors track our behavior. Data is brokered between parties for advertising, propaganda, and other forms of persuasion. This problem isn't going away. These sensors are collecting data everywhere, all the time, and it’s being stored forever. That's why we call it Ubiquitous Data Collection. You can't change the fact that those sensors exist, but there are many ways to put the situation in your favor. That's why we help clients understand, manage, and shape their digital signatures.

See how.

We're Fast

The digital world moves quickly. A vulnerability only needs to exist for a brief moment to topple an entire organization. Our clients come to us sometimes with urgent needs. A time-sensitive mission they need to prepared for, or pending business that can't be delayed.  We have to be fast. We're always there to consult and train our clients when they need it most. If they need a specific tool or software, we'll develop it for them with haste. It's not always easy to make stuff quickly and maintain a strict standard of quality, but it's what our clients deserve.

We're Creative

We take a holistic approach to Digital Signature Management. That means we look at the whole picture regarding your organization, its business, its personnel, and technologies. It's only when you see the big picture that you can come up with the best solutions.  With that big picture in mind, we utilize our expertise and creativity to give you the competitive edge over your adversaries.

We Don't BS

You can't do business with people you don't trust, especially when it comes to the sensitive nature of the work we do. We build trust by being transparent, both internally with our team, and externally with our clients. Our clients come to us with pressing concerns, and they can rely on us to tell them the truth, even if it isn't pretty.