A Comprehensive Approach To Your Digital Signature

That's Why Our Clients Trust Us To Solve Their Biggest Data Problems

Our Mission Is Clear

We take a comprehensive approach to Digital Signature Management that’s been developed through hands-on work and close partnership with our clients. This began with our work with the Federal Government, and has expanded into industries across the business world. It’s not just cybersecurity, data analysis, or tech integration, Digital Signature Management is all of those things combined, and more. We provide consulting services, training, and software solutions to help you do business according to your needs.

Ridgeline helps our clients understand that using technology comes with a tradeoff between privacy and convenience. The internet and modern technologies have changed the way the world works. They have made it easier to communicate, buy and sell things, and to scale your business. But, those benefits come at a cost. The cost of convenience is your privacy. Who else is benefiting from your sensitive data? 

Ridgeline’s approach to Digital Signature Management  understanding the threat, controlling the flow of data, and shaping the narrative  helps businesses and government organizations strike the right balance between privacy and convenience.

strike the right balance between privacy and convenience

Ridgeline CEO Erik Wittreich in a suit giving a presentation with a big screen behind him

Erik Wittreich


We keep our eyes on the future so you can focus on the present.

Ridgeline partners with those who are tackling the toughest national security challenges that our country faces. Our clients include the U.S. Government, private and public companies, and nonprofit organizations. It’s our priority to ensure that they can do business securely, efficiently, and privately. We’re proud to deliver innovative solutions that give our customers the competitive edge in the age of UTS.

The UTS Era

Thousands of sensors track our behavior. Data is brokered between parties for advertising, propaganda, and competitive intelligence. This problem isn’t going away. These sensors are collecting data everywhere, all the time, and it’s being stored forever. That’s the reality of the UTS era. You can’t change the fact that those sensors exist, but there are ways to mitigate these threats. We take a comprehensive approach to helping clients understand, manage, and shape their digital signatures.

who we are

We Pride Ourselves on These Three Qualities

We're Fast

The digital world moves quickly. A vulnerability only needs to exist for a brief moment to topple an entire organization. Our clients sometimes come to us with urgent needs like a time-sensitive mission they need to prepare for, or pending business that can't be delayed. We have to be fast.

We're Creative

We take a comprehensive approach to Digital Signature Management. That means we look at your organization as a whole; its business, its personnel, and the technologies you use. It's only by seeing the big picture that the best solution becomes clear. With that big picture in mind, we utilize our expertise and creativity to give you the competitive edge over your competitors and adversaries.

We Don't BS

You can't do business with people you don't trust, especially when it comes to the sensitive nature of the work we do. We build trust by being transparent, both internally with our team, and externally with our clients. Our clients come to us with pressing concerns, and they can rely on us to tell them the truth, even if it isn't pretty.

Ridgeline International STEM Scholarship

As part of Ridgeline’s commitment to empowering the next generation of innovators, we’ve established the Ridgeline International STEM Scholarship program. Each year, Ridgeline awards three, $5,000 scholarships to undergraduate students who are majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM) fields. The ideal candidate will have a clear passion for their studies, be involved in their community, and demonstrate a drive for innovation.

The 2024 application cycle is now closed. Winners will be announced by July 31, 2024.


Congratulations 2023 Scholarship Recipients!

We are pleased to announce the selection of the 2023 Ridgeline International STEM Scholarship winners:

Devon Woodfine | Mechanical Engineering | California State Polytechnic University Pomona | Class of 2025

Arisa Chue | Computer Science | Stanford University | Class of 2025

Oslow Odegaard | Biomedical Sciences | University of South Florida | Class of 2026


When the application cycle opens in May 2025, Ridgeline will provide a link to our scholarship application platform. This link will be available until the application cycle closes at midnight on May 31, 2025. All applications must be submitted before this time in order to be considered as part of the application cycle.

In addition to providing information to verify enrollment status as student in a STEM field, the Ridgeline STEM Scholarship application includes two, 500-word essays focused on topics that will help us better understand your goals for the future, your involvement in your community, and your commitment to innovation. These questions will be available to review once the application opens in May 2025.

Yes, high school seniors who have a declared major in a STEM field are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

To ensure a degree of parity across applicants, Ridgeline’s STEM Scholarship is restricted to undergraduate students. We applaud your efforts to pursue further STEM education and encourage you to consider other scholarship opportunities geared toward graduate-level academics.

The Ridgeline International STEM Scholarship is open only to U.S. citizens attending U.S. colleges and universities or U.S.-based educational programs at international satellite campuses.

Scholarship recipients should be open to outreach from Ridgeline International’s Talent Management team regarding possible internship opportunities. Internships are not guaranteed and all interested candidates and students must apply through the Ridgeline International careers site to be considered for an internship position.

Ridgeline’s Scholarship Selection Committee is made up of staff members from across the organization. We select the recipients based on eligibility requirements and through a weighted evaluation process centered on the scholarship criteria.

Family members of Ridgeline International employees can apply for the scholarship if they meet the eligibility requirements.

Students must apply for the scholarship program on their own. Third parties cannot complete the application on behalf of a student.

All scholarship funds will be sent to the financial aid office for the college or university after enrollment verification is completed.

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