Does your competition have your data? Unless you've taken steps to manage your Digital Signature, chances are they do.

But don't be alarmed. There's something you can do about it.

It starts with understanding the problem.

You’re being tracked by countless sensors. These sensors are everywhere, collecting your data, and selling it to huge, unseen networks. This constant gathering of information is known as Ubiquitous Data Collection and it’s the reality of the world we live in today.

Networks broker your data because it’s valuable. Corporations want it, governments want it, and your competition wants it too.

Imagine what someone could do with your customer data, intellectual property, or financials.

How do you deal with all these sensors and protect your sensitive data?

A Comprehensive Approach To Your Digital Signature

Ridgeline was founded in 2015 by a group of men and women who collectively have spent over half a century contributing to the U.S. National Security mission. We're laser-focused on solving one of the toughest problems we know our customers face - Digital Signature Management.

Some organizations spend billions of dollars a year on cybersecurity thinking that's all they need to protect themselves. But, even with perfect enterprise cybersecurity, you can't avoid Ubiquitous Data Collection.

Although you can't escape this collection, there are many things you can do to take back control.

At Ridgeline, that's the problem we tackle every day for our clients in Government and Enterprise. Our solution is Digital Signature Management – using technical and behavioral means to understand and shape the story your data tells to defend your competitive edge.

We're purpose-built to solve this problem. 

Ridgeline takes a comprehensive approach to Digital Signature Management. We look at every aspect of your digital signature, from the obvious things like your device usage and online activity, to the obscure things you (or your competitors) probably haven't thought about.

Some of our clients come to us seeking understanding. We provide training and advisory services to get them up to speed on how to do business while meeting their security and privacy goals. Others need more. For them, we offer bespoke software and systems to manage their digital signatures.  

Understand, Manage, and Shape Your Digital Signature

Ridgeline take a comprehensive approach to Digital Signature Management. We train and advise our clients on how they can do business safely, control what information they're putting out, and secure their tech. We also provide tech solutions such as proprietary software and systems to give you the tools you need to achieve your mission.

Team Effort. Important Work.

Apart from a constantly growing list of fascinating challenges to solve, Ridgeline offers a solid work-life balance, flexible remote work options, and a culture that values teamwork over competition. At Ridgeline, you will work with the most talented software developers, systems engineers, and subject matter experts to change how big enterprises and the U.S. Government manage their digital signatures. 

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